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What is MangaChat?

MangaChat is a social media platform for comic lovers. We see MangaChat as an online Comic-Con, where creative people can share their artworks, fun stories, and cool ideas.


MangaChat supports automatic text-to-comic conversion. As users comment their opinions, another comic block is created and added to the ongoing story. You can select a comic character as your avatar, and create the story just by texting messages.

How to Use
Here are steps:
  1. Select an avatar.
  2. Type in words.
  3. Hit the GO button to make a comic panel and that's IT!

MangaChat automatically match and compose the image for you. Now make a funny comic story/stick/meme and share it with friends when messaging!

We Help Promote Your Artworks

Sharing your avatar stickers is one of the easiest and quickest ways to demonstrate your style. Users on MangaChat can help promoting your art style as they use your avatar stickers to comment. We would like to help comic/animation/illustration artists and aspiring artists profit from the platform by showing their creation. Please join us to build this community. If you are interested, please join our artist group on Facebook: MangaChat Artist. Or email to: team@mangachat.co. We are looking forward to your reply.

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